Thursday, July 22, 2010

The view from our backyard

Gavin was sitting on my lap in our backyard. As we gazed at the mountain, I asked him, "Who do you think made that mountain, Gav? His responses cracked me up...
"Daddy?" Nooo.
"Mommy?" Nooo.
"Jacob?" Nooo.
"ME?!" Nooo.
"Jesus?" You're getting closer... ;)

Finally, I heard Jacob say in the background, "Silly Gavin. GOD made that mountain!"

A weekend with Daddy

Adam watched the boys last weekend while I got to visit my friend in California. He was seriously super dad... taking all three of them to Gavin's t-ball game, the McChord airshow, and Denny's for dinner. I wouldn't have braved all of that in one day for sure! :)

As grateful as I was for my weekend away, I was a little bummed to miss the airshow with my boys. I love watching their eyes light up as Adam shows them around his airplane. They are pretty sure they have the coolest dad ever! :) Adam must know me well, because he brought along the camera to capture some moments for me.

I have to laugh a little when I look at the pictures. Jacob in a long sleeve shirt, Gavin still in his t-ball shirt, Casey roaming aimlessly without a stroller... Daddy sure does things different when mommy isn't around! That's what makes daddy weekends fun though. ;)

Gavin was brave enough to try rock climbing.

This picture makes me smile because Jacob just told me the other day he wanted to have his wedding in outer space. :)

Casey is especially into airplanes, so I could just picture how excited he would be to see all of them. I'm sure he was pointing to the sky and shouting, "Airpwane, airpwane!" the entire time. Adam told me that while Casey was watching the airplanes in awe... Jacob was sprawled out on the ground. He was carefully observing a smudged, yellow line (with airplanes roaring above him), and said, "Daddy! It looks just like Alaska!" My boys are all so different... it cracks me up!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I am so excited that the sun is here! My husband was pretty sure we were going to move if it didn't come out soon... so thank goodness it finally did! :)

We are blessed that Adam has a pretty laid back work schedule this summer... which means lots of time on our boat!

We also have been having fun just hanging out in our backyard with Toy Story sprinklers and water guns. :)

Picnics always make lunch more fun too. :)

Tonight, we spent some time with my friend and her girls. Pizza, pool, and popsicles... three things my boys happen to love. :)

Gavin even found a little caterpillar and was immediately in love...

Summer, please stay a little longer. We aren't done with you yet. :)

A day with Grandpa and Grandma

My dad and step-mom spend six months out of the year in Maui and Arizona, so we definitely soak in every chance we get to spend with them! They are so kind and patient with our boys... and I especially appreciate how they always have the nicest things to say about them!

After dinner, we took a walk to the park. Gavin wanted to show Grandpa how he learned to ride a bike.

The boys were thrilled that my friend happened to ride by with some cookies for them. :)
Okay Daddy... I'll share.
Casey even held Grandpa's hand on the way home.

Thanks for loving on our boys... they love you too!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fourth of July

We met up with my sister at my grandma's house so the cousins could play.

Pop-its and bubbles... that's all it took to make them happy. Ready, set, throw!

We spent the evening at Papa and GG's house.

We bought a firework package because I LOVE lighting them off, but the wind wouldn't let up at all. I couldn't bear a Fourth of July without fireworks, so we decided to watch the show in La Conner.

The boys sat on the roof of our car and stared at the sky in awe. It was definitely a chilly, but beautiful night.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Camping at Lopez

Here are some pictures of our camping trip to Lopez Island. Lopez has been a tradition in Adam's family since he was little and for the first time, his entire family was able to make it!

The boys loved the ferry ride...

Jacob even found a puzzle!
Here is our campsite.

Uncle Andy helped dig a huge hole under this log so the cousins could squeeze under it.

Casey could have played in the sand with Olivia all day.

Evan and Gavin both just learned how to ride a bike... so it was pretty exciting to watch!
They all liked running after Jacob too!

Uncle Andy brought some paddle boards and Gavin loved trying them out!

Casey and his Papa

My boys love listening to him play the harmonica.Eating popcorn with the cousins...
I couldn't help but capture the moment of Daddy and Casey playing in the field...

There's nothing like having a brother...The sunsets here were pretty amazing...

I found these mondo marshmallows at the store and they were the size of like four regular marshmallows. They made the biggest s'mores ever... hilarious.


Camping is a lot of work for mommy and daddy, but I guess it was worth it... because Jacob says that the best place in the world is going camping. :)