Saturday, June 30, 2007

Birthday Luau

Our neighbor's son turned 1 today and they had a birthday luau in their backyard. It was seriously like a real luau, with the addition of a giant jumpy castle and slide. I've never seen such a elaborate party... from candy leis to an amazing spread of food to tables upon tables of people. It was super fun and absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor party. Here are some pictures!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Jacob and Gavin are opposites... in almost every way. It amazing how God created such different little guys, yet I love them so equally and so unbelievably much. Adam and I are pretty opposite, so it makes sense that our sons could be so different. Seriously though, all of our opposite traits are in either one child or the other.

Here are some examples.

~Looks. Jacob is and has always been in the 100th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. So he is super tall and skinny for his age. Gavin is in the 100th percentile for both. He has the cutest little chunky everything ;)

~Pain Tolerance. Jacob can be pretty sensitive and cries upon the littlest stub of a toe. He immediately needs a hug from mommy and a band-aid to make him feel better. Gavin can be running, crash full-force into a wall, and land flat on his back. He might pause for a minute, but is right back up and running momentarily.

~Touchy-feeliness. Jacob LOVES giving hugs and kisses, especially to Gavin. He will cuddle with me in his bed or on the couch forever. Gavin, on the other hand, will not let anyone hold him for more than a few seconds without feeling smothered. He shrieks when Jacob comes running to him for a hug and does his best to either duck or run in the opposite direction.

~Dirt. Jacob doesn't like getting dirty at all. The second he gets food, dirt, or play dough on his clothes, he takes them off and carries them to the "wash-it machine". Gavin is totally down with dirt and grime.

~Nature. Gavin would be outside every second of the day if we would let him. He is constantly trying to open doors in order to escape. Jacob would rather play inside, even on a sunny day (unless he has a friend over to play outside with him)

~Seeking approval. Jacob is devastated when we are disappointed in him. Just talking with him about why he didn't make a good choice is enough to teach him a lesson. He tries very hard to obey and loves any kind of praise we give him. Gavin, being 15 months, is in that "wanting to be as independent as possible" stage. He is definitely more interested in getting his way than in obeying mommy and daddy right now.

It will be so much fun to watch Jacob and Gavin grow and see each of their unique personalities develop. So far, Jacob is a little more like me and Gavin is a little more like Adam. It keeps life interesting! ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I made it! I seriously think this was the craziest, busiest, most exhausting week of my entire life! For the last two weeks, every waking and breathing minute (when Jacob and Gavin were sleeping) was spent on report cards or packing up my classroom at school.

This week was what it all came down to though, a culmination of everything in one big blur of events. On Monday, our small group had a barbecue at our house as a final get-together before summer break. The next day, my classroom had to be ready for the move so I stayed at school until every. last. box. was packed. On Wednesday morning, movers took all of our boxes down the hallway and we were given one afternoon to unpack ALL of them. My job-share partner next year is one of my closest friends in the world. We started off by carefully choosing which supplies we would put in which cupboards and so on. By the end, we were shoving every last manipulative and book ANYWHERE that we could fit it. TWO teachers with A LOT of stuff together in ONE room. There wasn't even space for an eraser when we were done... I don't know how we were able to close the doors! (Actually, I do. They kept exploding open, so we had to re-arrange things several times before they would finally close. :) Then I went home and prepared everything for yes, our class field trip to the zoo on Thursday. All of our report cards and cum files were also due by the end of the Thursday. I remember laying on the couch for a 5 minute break and thinking that it was hard to even breathe. We made it back from the zoo without any major trauma or missing kids, so that was good. After school, I rushed home to get ready for our last MOPS meeting. The funniest part was that each table leader was given a specific award being that it was the last night. How perfect that I was awarded, "Most likely to multi-task at MOPS". You're not kidding!! Then it all came down to Friday. That crazy long check-off list I told you about was waiting on my desk for our principal to look over and sign. I can't even tell you how AMAZING it felt to watch her check off the final tasks. It was as if a million bricks were lifted from my shoulders. I was completely elated and immediately called Adam to tell him that I was officially checked-off and ready for a celebration dinner!

I think he was glad to see his exhausted, stressed-out wife (who slept through her alarm two out of three days) have her happy, optimistic personality back. After being swamped every night for the last few weeks, he was probably just happy to SEE me! It was funny... today I was chattering and dancing about like my usual self and he didn't even know what to do! He was used to me being so busy and having some actual peace and quiet for once. :) But I made it. Now I'm not sure what to do with myself. :) I have three hours left with my students on Monday, which will be sad because I have the best class ever this year. I'm glad I'll just be able to enjoy them for one last day without the looming check-off list anymore. YYEEAAHH!! Summer, here we come!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Ever since he watched his cousin Maddie get on her big, yellow school bus, Jacob just can't stop talking about kindergarten.
"Mommy, when do I get to go to kiddergarden like Maddie?"
I told him when he was five, like Maddie, he could go to kindergarten too.
"When I am five, I will go to kiddergarden."
He now says this whenever we drive past any building that remotely resembles a school.
"Mommy, is that where I will go to kiddergarden?!?"
Jacob also has been very intrigued lately by the fact that I am a school teacher.
"Do I get to go to kiddergarden at Mommy's school?!? What we learn at kiddergarden?"
I told him that he will learn all about letters and the sounds they make.
"Like A Apple aaaa and B ball bbbbb and c cake cccccc? ABCDEFG....!"
He is a very sequence-oriented little guy, so he broke it all down for himself.
"When I am five, I go to kiddergarden... when I am six, I go to first grade and lose my teeth... when I am seven, I get new big teeth."
The only problem is, he doesn't have any idea how long it will be before he turns five. So we'll be hearing about how much he wants to go to "kiddergarden" for quite awhile!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 13

June 13. A day that has stood out amongst others for 29 years now. How did I get to be 29 again? Wasn't I just in college yesterday? Crazy. At least with my husband being five and a half years older, it makes it a little easier to swallow. ;)

As I was growing up, my mom did an AMAZING job making sure my birthday was special. I remember my heart pounding in excitement the night before. There's just something about your birthday when you are little, it's the best day ever. Even when I first married Adam, my birthday was a big deal and he tried his best to make it special for me too. I think something changes the moment your first child is born. Your whole world changes. All of a sudden, in an instant, it's not about you anymore. Now I try to make Jacob and Gavin's birthday as special as my mom made them for me. I would bask in watching the birthday excitement glow on their faces any day over mine.

Adam bid a particular line just to get my birthday off, which I didn't know about and thought was so sweet. So I get to be with my family all day. Just hearing little Jacob sing "Happy Birthday to Mooommy" at the top of his lungs is really all I would need to make my day anyway. :) He's been asking me ever since his birthday when my birthday was and how old I would be. I was surprised when he remembered today that I was turning 29. Maybe he'll help me blow out all those candles! My dad and stepmom are also coming over to babysit so Adam and I can go out for the night. Family. That's all you need for a happy day!

I was listening to Chris Daughtry in my car earlier. Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it all... I am so grateful for everything God has blessed me with in these 29 years. I wouldn't change a thing.

All by Myself

Jacob has been really focused on doing things all by himself lately. He'll be working on a puzzle and if I put one piece in for him, he'll say, "No mommy, I want to do it all by myself." Although he always wants the door shut or my eyes closed when he's going potty, he usually needs my help to put his pants back on. These pictures were taken when he wanted to do it all by himself. Hmmm... didn't get it quite right. :) He didn't seem to notice or care though!

Gavin is making his own independent strides. Not only can he respond by shaking his head no, now he can say "yeah" in response to questions we ask him. "Would you like a banana?" "Do you want some milk?" "Are you helping Daddy?" "Ready for your bath?" He answers all of these questions by saying "yeah" in a very matter-of-fact way. It actually sounds more like "eah". ;) Little steps to independence.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The toddler quiz

I always think it's fun to read how my friends answer these random questions about themselves... so I thought I would create a quiz for Jacob and Gavin. Hope you learn something fun!

1. What are your favorite things to eat?
Jacob - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pancakes, teriyaki, cantaloupe
Gavin - fruit... especially grapes, strawberries, and cantaloupe

2. What are your favorite movies?
Jacob - Madagascar and Curious George
Gavin - I don't have the attention span for that yet :)

3. What do you spend most of your time doing?
Jacob - puzzles, knocking Gavin down with hugs and kisses
Gavin - toddling. everywhere. and using the swiffer.

4. What are your most common questions?
Jacob - What tomorrow we do mommy? What we do after my nap?
Gavin - experimenting with all kinds of sounds through "babble"

5. Who is your favorite person to play with?
Jacob - My cousin Maddie.
Gavin - My mommy. :)

6. What is your favorite hobby?
Jacob - riding my motorcycle with Daddy
Gavin - riding my go-cart with Mommy

7. What makes you cry the most?
Jacob - anytime I get hurt/ when mommy and daddy discipline me
Gavin - when Jacob knocks me over/ when mommy pulls me away from something I want to do

8. What makes you smile the most?
Jacob - wrestling and jumping on mommy and daddy's bed
Gavin - when mommy or daddy talk and sing specifically to me

9. What are you scared of?
Jacob - THE CAR WASH!!
Gavin - The vacuum cleaner

10. What are your favorite books?
Jacob - Green Eggs and Ham, There's a Wocket in My Pocket, Baby Beluga
Gavin - Peek-a-Boo books, books with pictures of family, Goodnight Moon

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My head is spinning!

If you know a teacher, are married to a teacher, or are a teacher... you know that September and June will always be PACKED with a little more craziness than usual. These months will forever be associated with the beginning and the end of the school year. Both are huge events in the life of a teacher, taking hours to prepare and complete an overwhelming number of tasks. Add a few kids to the family, and finding the time to complete this process can get REALLY complicated. We also have two new elementary schools opening in the upcoming year, so our school is downsizing to almost half the number of staff and students. Teachers are leaving and creating open classrooms, which means teachers who are staying will likely have to move classrooms as well. This includes me... after being in the same classroom since I was first hired six years ago. Needless to say, report cards, packing up my room, and the endless check-off list are keeping me pretty busy. If I'm not keeping up on my blog so well right now... I'll make up for it once school is out!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is what happens when my husband bets me that I won't do something. ;) We were cuddling with Jacob in bed and I decided I wanted to cuddle with Gavin too. Why let a crib get in the way? ;) Actually, I'm really just thankful it didn't break!
This is my cousin Evan. He's just three weeks younger than me. We are really good about sharing... especially food!
Daddy put his tie on me and I was immediately the center of attention.
This is Adam's side of our family... mom, dad, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew. I think that about covers everyone. :)
Mommy with her boys. An impossible picture to take with everyone looking at the camera. ;)