Monday, November 26, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my dad's side of the family.
Casey could NOT wait to see his cousin Travis.
 My heart always skips a beat when I see them together.
 Casey really looks up to him... he wanted to sit by him during lunch, during pictures, pretty much during everything!   (After Ella's party a few weeks ago, Travis had a sleepover with Casey and he was in heaven!  So precious to see them sound asleep in Casey's bed that night.)
They are so. darn. sweet.
 Speaking of bonding, my brother-in-law and Ella are pretty much inseparable!

 He seriously held her the entire time.  

 These two are pretty cute to watch too.  
 Talking and scheming and joking and laughing the entire time.
 Meanwhile, Daddy was showing Casey how to make a spoon stick to his nose... ;)

 My dad with Ella

 My baby girl's first Thanksgiving!
She was giving hugs and blowing kisses to everyone in our family... seriously couldn't have been more sweet and adorable!

 The whole group!
 After eating, the kids always open a few early Christmas presents from my dad and step-mom.
 Ella was beyond excited to see that there was a baby with a crib inside that bag!
She rocked the baby, patted her back, put her in the crib, took her out of the crib, rocked her some more, gave her a binky, and said "ohhhhh!"... over and over and over.

 Then we went to Adam's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.
 Such a good mama!
Ella and Olivia

 My mother-in-law always has everything decorated so festively!
 The cousins had an entire table to themselves. 
They were so happy!
 Later, we helped GG decorate her tree.

 In 2008, she started putting up ornaments of the grandkids from each year.
It is truly special (even if it tugs on my heart!) to see our kiddos 'growing up' on her Christmas tree.

They love decorating their ornament...

 ...and hanging it on the tree!
Such a fun tradition!  
Nothing warms your heart on Thanksgiving like being with the ones you love!
Thankful... for family.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ella turns TWO!

 Ella turned two on November 6th!
 She started off the day eating pancakes and playing trains with Casey.
 Then Grammy baked Ella a cake...
 while Mommy braided her hair!
 All ready for her big day to begin!

 We went to a place called Charlie's Safari
Ella followed her brother right up to the slide!

My mom flew up from Arizona to be here for Ella's birthday and Adam's retirement ceremony.
I was so glad she was there... it made Ella's day really special.   They are so sweet together!

 Ella jumped
and jumped

and jumped!
She and Casey had so much fun!

Did I mention this little girl is BRAVE?

She would climb straight to the top every time.  
She was the only one I saw who was this little on these big slides!
Ella helping her grammy make frosting for the cake!

After the boys got home from school, we went to Red Robin!

Ella was a little shy when they sang to her.  
She actually looked like she was trying to hide behind her sundae.
Then we came home for presents and cake!

Ella actually blew out the candles this time!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We are so glad that we trusted God when He lead our hearts to adopt because He lead us straight to you!   As sad as we were that we couldn't spend your first birthday with you, it made this birthday extra celebratory!
You bring so much joy to our lives and we can't imagine our family without you.  :)