Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New presents to play with

Jacob and Gavin have been really into playing with their new toys!

Grammy started Jacob's GeoTrax collection two years ago and has been adding to it each year. This Christmas, the new addition was the High Flyin' Transportation System. The remote control airplane takes off, loops upside-down and flies down the spiral. You can use the remote to stop it at anytime, which they love.
This Tickle Me Elmo was a huge hit. He was completely hidden in the box when we bought him, so we had no idea what he actually would do. We couldn't believe how all out he went... we were cracking up! He doubles over in laughter, slaps his knee, falls onto his back and kicks his feet, and even gets back up all by himself. All while he is laughing... it's contagious!

Finally. A container to put all of our play dough in! The top is kind of like a desk to sculpt the play dough on.Gavin was Bob the Builder for Halloween, but thought he was Handy Manny. So Grandma Gayle bought him all the Handy Manny accessories.
Puzzles are always a hit in our family and Gavin was excited to put together his new ones.
Auntie Marlys got Jacob and Gavin a bug book and some bugs to inspect through a magnifying glass. How fitting since Uncle Andy is a science teacher!I really love this new Tag System by Leapfrog. Both Gavin and Jacob are reading their new books all day long. The only downside is that the pen will only hold five books at a time, so they have to put some books away for now. I guess the upside is when they get them out again, they'll be like brand-new!
Adam really wanted to get the boys these Hulk Smash hands. I was a little hesitant, but they have been really fun. The boys are loving having their own boxing tournaments with daddy and each other.
Casey got plenty of new toys to entertain him as well. ;)Santa got the boys Power Wheel quads on Christmas morning. Adam put them together and charged them up, while I decorated them with stickers. ;) The weather has been too rainy to use them, but I can't wait to see them ride around in the spring!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our white Christmas

Christmas. It was a little unpredictable this year. The snow, along with Adam being on call, really threw us a curve ball. We decided to head up north a few days before Christmas, because I wanted Adam to drive us in the snow before he had to work. He did end up having to fly, but thankfully, Adam's parents decided to celebrate Christmas a day later so he could be with us.

I was determined to make it to my sister's house for Christmas Eve. The only problem was that she lives in a development with crazy steep hills and there was over a foot of snow and ice. I think Adam really liked the challenge though. The fact that we just got new tires for my SUV probably helped a little too. ;) He got called into work as soon as he dropped me off at my sister's house, so unfortunately he immediately had to turn around and head to SeaTac.

My sister did an amazing job making Christmas relaxing and memorable. We have a Norwegian background, so she kept up with the tradition of making lefse and krumkake. She also had a huge spread for Christmas eve dinner, homemade apple pie, and fresh coffee from their roasting business. We opened presents, tucked all the cousins into bed together, and watched Christmas vacation.

This is what Maddie and Gavin were doing when he was supposed to be taking a nap ;)
You would not believe how much Gavin loved these Buzz Lightyear wings. He flew all over the living room with his pirate cousin.
It wasn't hard for my sister to get Casey erupting into giggles!
We had fun posing Casey on his first present.

The next morning, we opened stockings and played in the snow. These discs absolutely flew down the hill next to her house. I couldn't believe the kids were brave enough to try it!
Casey's first time all bundled up in the snow.
I thought Maddie's solution to warming up her cold feet was pretty creative.

Frosting sugar cookies goes way back to when I was a little girl. Gavin decided it was easier to just dip them in the frosting. :)
Here are some pictures of Christmas with Adam's side of the family. We were so happy to have Daddy back home!
Adding to his Toy Story collection...

Adam's mom is an amazing host and cooks the best prime rib dinner each Christmas. Yum!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy birthday baby!

So I fully admit, I'm a little on the sentimental side. My mom always made my birthday extra special each year and it meant the world to me. So now it means the world to me to make each birthday extra special for my boys. It was Jacob's 5th birthday today and watching his happy, excited little face was enough to fill up my heart forever.

Jacob came running down the stairs into our bed this morning because he had been counting down for days and he knew it was finally his birthday. We cuddled and sang to him before getting up and making crepes for breakfast. Then he helped me frost all of his cupcakes, pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

It wasn't long before it was time to head to Pump It Up. Thankfully, Adam is pretty comfortable in the snow so driving wasn't too scary. Bellingham just got too much snow though, so it wasn't safe for my sister and mom to come down. My sister and I have not missed a birthday of any of our kids ever, so that was a little bittersweet. We were determined to make the best of it though (since we weren't able to reschedule) and have a great time with whoever was able to come.

Here are some pictures of our afternoon. We all got right in there with our kids and had such a fun time. I will always have memories in my heart of how happy Jacob was. He was smiling from ear to ear, as if he just couldn't believe all of these huge inflatables were for just for him.

Gavin was having a great time also...
... until he lost his sock.
These giant boxing gloves were pretty entertaining. Jacob would barely touch his daddy, but Adam would pretend it was a huge hit and fly across the inflatable. I tried to take Adam down too, but apparently lacked a little in technique.

I love how excited he looks in anticipation of blowing out his candles!

By the end, they were very thirsty...
... and a little tired.

We ended our day at the RAM because Jacob knew he would get a free mud pie for dessert. Adam and I both unexpectedly teared up when they sang to him. His face just lit up and we were enjoying every minute of watching him. Casey even sat up by himself for the first time. (kind of ;)

When I tucked Jacob into bed, we cuddled and I let him listen to all of his happy birthday wishes and songs from family and friends on our voicemail. (The funny part was that he would respond to each person and wish them a happy birthday too) Then we talked for awhile.

J: Mommy, today made me very, very, VERY happy.
M: I'm so glad buddy. It made me very, very, VERY happy too. What was your favorite part?
J: Eating the cupcakes. What was your favorite part?
M: Sliding down the jumpy castles with you.
J: I liked jumping with you too mommy. That was my other favorite part.
M: Happy birthday sweet boy. I love you so so much.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Look what I can do!

Mommy was more excited than I was.

Fun in the Snow!

Here are the things we love to do in the snow. One good thing about not being pregnant this year was that I could participate in all of them!

*Sledding. We have a hill right in front of our house to sled down. At first, Jacob was pulling Gavin up the hill and helping him sled down. That was a pretty tiring job, so Adam got out our little motorcycle to tow the kids up the hill.
*Go-carting. I really couldn't go very far without getting stuck and spinning in circles, but Adam was a pro on it.
*The motorcycle. It was really fun to take the little motorcycle out on my own around our neighborhood. You just have to pull on the throttle or press the brake, so it was easy! Considering I don't even know how to drive a stick, easy is essential.

*Our snowman. Even though he melted shortly afterward, it was fun to build our very own Frosty. The boys loved him (I don't think they know that he melted yet ;).

*Our kids also loved making snowballs and going down our snow-filled slide.

And Casey? He just stayed inside by the warm fire and dreamed about snow.