Saturday, August 31, 2013

My birthday boy!

This sweet lil' guy turned FIVE!
 I can't believe it.

Did I mention he has his mommy wrapped around his finger with all of his adorableness??

 I LOVE him!
 So after the traditional swedish pancake breakfast, I walked him to preschool (I can't believe he is actually going to have school on his birthday down here!), then we took him to see the movie Planes and out to Red Robin!  The Red Robin here was empty, which is so weird (considering it is always always packed where we used to live)!
 Helping me stuff treat bags for his minion party!
 Decorating the house

 When Jacob heard that I didn't have a game planned, he decided to make one for him!  Sweet boy!  
So here it is... pin the eye on the minion!  
 It was a hit.  ;)

 Coloring and word searches
 And... band hero!

 Meanwhile, the girls all hung out in Ella's room.  ;)
 Time for cake...

 ...and presents!  
 After the party, we headed to the pool!

Happy Birthday buddy!  You fill our life with so. much. joy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The boys wishing Casey good luck on his first day of preschool!  
We actually didn't think Casey would be able to go to preschool this year.  When I called around back in the spring, it looked like the prices were going the be about the same per week as I was paying per month in Washington.  Yikes!  His birthday is so close to the cut off that I didn't want to start him in kindergarten until next year... especially since kindergarten is full day here!  So we were thinking that I would just work with him at home (with all of my first grade teaching strategies. ;)  Then we were at a swim meet one weekend and someone was telling us they have a Fun for Fours program - which is preschool at the elementary school they will attend!  I called and they just happened to have a spot open because another family had just withdrawn.  The parents that I talked to during open house said that there is a lottery system back in February and it is REALLY hard to get in so I totally lucked out!  Not only is it the same price as his preschool in Washington, but it starts the same time as Jacob and Gavin, so I am able to walk them to school all together. It's only Tuesday and Thursday morning, so I still have lots of time to spend with him before he goes to school full time next year.  :)  I also love that the kids in his class will be in Kindergarten with him as well!

Here are some pictures from Meet the Teacher day
 Casey loved the shells!
 Trying to hear the ocean ;)
 Putting his owl up on the board

 Checking off the scavenger hunt

 Making handprints with the pressure of his hand 
Finding the ages of everyone in his family.  :)
Such a fun place!  I'm really excited for him.  On the first day, we walked Jacob and Gavin to their lines and then walked over to the kindergarten area (the preschool is in the same area and shares their playground).
Casey posing for his first day picture. 

Trying to make a "P"... lol!

Ready for school to start!

Love this sweet guy!!