Monday, July 30, 2007

Up at night with Daddy

Adam and I were watching a movie upstairs when we heard Jacob calling for us. I gave Adam the "it's your turn" look with a smile so he went in to check on him. They had a cute conversation so I thought I'd share it.

J: I want Sy to go bye-bye. (Apparently our pug had snuck into his dark room and scared him)
A: Oh, did Sy come in here?
J: Why does he want to wake me up Daddy?
A: He just wants to give you kisses...
J: He wants to give me hugs?
A: Well, he can't give hugs because he doesn't have any arms. Sy just has four legs.
J: Sy only has legs? Where are Sy's shoes?
A: He doesn't have shoes.
J: Put Sy down the stairs.
A: Come here Sy! It's OK... Sy wants to give you some kisses.
J: No! No doggie kisses. They're too scary! Sy gives Daddy kisses!
A: Don't worry buddy, I'll make sure Sy goes downstairs. Love you, ni-night.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A typical afternoon

It all began with Jacob getting out his leap pad to read a story. Gavin toddled over, swiped the leap pad, and swirled the reading pen around in circles.

M: "Jacob, if you don't want Gavin to bother you, just bring your leap pad to the table." (It's really tall so Gavin can't reach :)
J: "Mommy, he's going to wrap it!!" (Which he had great reason to say, since Gavin did tear a page out of his leap pad book yesterday)
M: "I will watch Gavin closely to make sure he doesn't rip it."
J: "He's going to rip it like a present Mommy!"

It wasn't long before Jacob decided to play with a shape puzzle, knowing full well that Gavin would want that toy next.

J: "That's a rectangle. That's a diamond. Is that a exagon Mommy?" (Being a first grade teacher, I teach him some crazy shape names...)

Just as he planned, Gavin heads over to the shape puzzle and Jacob runs to retrieve the leap pad. This time, he carries it promptly to the table.

J: "Gavin wants to play outside mommy."
J: After investigating his leap pad... "He ripped it! Do you not member?!"
J: Tries to turn it on... "This needs new batteries! Mommy, you have to go to the store. You need to buy circle batteries."

He runs to the battery drawer and pulls out every package of battery he can find. Unfortunately, we had everything but the double A's that he needed. I tried to explain to him (as he showed me each one) that it was either too big or too little.

Since it was naptime, I convinced him to head upstairs to bed by saying...

M: "Would you like to help Mommy clean up or would you like to rest upstairs?"
J: "I'll be upstairs Mommy!"

Shortly afterward, I hear him yelling for me in an extremely upset voice. After going up to check on him, he sniffled a few times, took a deep breath, and said, "Mommy I want to say a prayer with you." Awww...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Step Girl at Heart

I started working out at the Y last summer when my friend asked if I wanted to get a personal trainer with her. I'd never done anything like this before, but it was really good for me. First of all, because I had just had a baby. Also, I really need accountability when it comes to working out. I am not one of those people who can get up early out of pure motivation. I have to know that there is someone at the gym waiting for me (who has to work out with the personal trainer by herself if I don't make it). Finally, there is the fact that it is pretty expensive, so missing a workout is like throwing away money. I loved working out together though... we challenged each other, sweat blood and tears, and worked our tails off. This same friend has now moved on to competing in triathlons! All because of me. :)

Once our personal training came to an end, my motivation to work out started to dwindle. I think it's because I am very picky about how I work out. I don't really like to run, the eliptical... not so much, spinning... no, kickboxing... no. I tried the circuit class, which I actually did really like. There are always a few friends in that class too, which is fun. I have always been a competitive swimmer, since I was six years old. It does feel incredible to be in the water, but I can't get myself to go through the process of changing, swimming, showering... probably because I'd gone through this monotonous routine everyday for almost my entire life. (Not to mention that I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons at this same pool. I seriously lived there!)

I always wanted to try the step class, because I had taken step in high school and really loved it. All of my friends who have a membership weren't as interested though. So finally, I tried it by myself. The first time (kind of like snowboarding ;) was really bad. I guess I shouldn't have started in the 103 class, huh?! I tried hard to pretend I knew what I was doing, but mostly just stepped around in complete confusion. The instructor would call out the next step, but by the time I remembered what it was, everyone was onto the next step. It seemed like everyone else was on cue all of the time, in rhythmic perfection. I left overwhelmed and was pretty sure I wouldn't be back.

I eventually decided to give it one more try and amazingly, started figuring this thing out! The steps became more familiar and once you catch on, it's really really fun. Now I have to say, I'm officially addicted. This is the only workout that I am truly motivated by and enjoy. Not only have I been going consistently, but I actually look forward to it. Unbelievable. Even my husband is in shock. So hooray for step. Anyone want to be my step buddy? :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


We just got back from Seaside with my dad, stepmom, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, stepbrother, his wife, and their five month old baby. All in one four bedroom house! Not so much sleeping went on, but hey, who needs sleep? ;) Gavin especially loved waking up super early, so we would go on a walk down the beach each morning. There's nothing like seeing the beauty of the ocean and being immersed in God's amazing creation. Each crash of the waves takes my breath away and reminds me of how big and how real He is.

It was overcast the first few days, but that didn't stop us! I packed up the boys and we dove right into that beach. Even though both Jacob and Gavin lost their footing and fell into the water, they got back up and played in their soaking wet clothes. Luckily, it was warm and muggy outside so I let them play in the "mud" for a little while. Gavin became one with the mud and loved every minute. Despite being a little upset about falling into the water, Jacob shook it off and even built a little volcano. :)

The next day was sunny, but pretty windy. We took the boys to Cannon Beach and walked against the wind right up to Haystack Rock. As I carried Gavin, I caught a glimpse of his face that I will always remember. The wind was practically blowing him away, but the smile on his face was the biggest I've ever seen. I wish I had a picture for you.

Gavin and Grandpa... it just doesn't get any more precious :)
Gavin with Grandma Kathy
Jacob and Maddie... and a whole lot of cousin love
Experiencing the ocean together
Gavin and his mudfest
Jacob's mud volcano
How did Maddie come out SO clean? Gavin embracing his wet and muddy self... Jacob, a little distraught about it :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a jungle in here!

Have you ever been to Jungle Playland? I'd heard about it from a friend, but yesterday was our first time there. It's hard to describe, kind of a cross between a giant McDonald's playground, Chucky Cheese, and... a jungle. ;) It is filled with soft equipment to climb up, on, and through which leads to a different slide, Tarzan swing, animal face, or tropical rain ballpit. Jacob absolutely loved it! It's pretty big, so I let him explore on his own and hoped he would end up on one of the slides sometime soon. ;) There was a miniature jungleland for Gavin, which he had a great time exploring as well. Eventually, I let him go in the giant one too (he's quite the daredevil) and just snuck in with him. Jacob is thinking it might be a pretty fun place to have his 4th birthday!
Jacob peeking through the monkey head
His true goal was to make it all the way up to the tiger head though, which he did, after several attempts lead him on different paths
Taking Gavin down the surprisingly FAST waterfall slide
We made it!
Gavin going down the slides at lil' Jungleland
This place is pretty fun!
Balls, balls, and more balls
I think it's time for my nap ;)
This rock wall isn't getting me very far...

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Little Gym

The Little Gym. (Sigh and a smile.) Jacob is in love with this place. These pictures are all from his little award ceremony last June. This class in particular was the most fun for both of us. First of all, it just so happened that many of my friends (which means friends for Jacob) happened to be all together in one class. Gavin was only 3 months at the time, so he was able to come and watch from his car seat. The cutest part was that eight other babies his age were there also, so their car seats were all lined up in one long row! It was just amazingly fun to have this bonding time with Jacob, socialize with my friends, and watch him learn new things all in the same class. Gavin will be in the parent-child class this September and I CAN'T WAIT!

We took a break from Little Gym for awhile after that because Gavin became too big to bring to class with us. :) However, once Jacob turned 3, he could be enrolled in an independent class. So that's where we are today. It is so much different than the parent-child class! First of all, it's the strangest feeling seeing him in class all by himself. Instead of clutching onto my hand and sitting in my lap, he simply says, "Bye momma!" and bounces happily into the room. All I can do is hope that he will make good independent choices. Because if they don't... their teacher brings them outside for a time-out. I found myself pretty nervous as one-by-one, little classmates were being pulled out to their mommies and daddies. I was watching Jacob intently, trying to communicate telepathically from the window:

Stay away from the water fountain...
Wait a second, aren't you supposed to be in the other group?
Sit on the yellow line buddy...
Don't play yet, your teacher is still giving directions...
Oh no! Pull your pants up Jakey...

He made it though, through the entire session. Although part of me still wanted to be in there with him, I was really proud of how well he did all by himself. It was the first time that I've ever had to let go a little, and watch this little person God created enter into an independent world. It's scary, but makes you realize all the more just how important your daily role is as a mommy. Every day Jacob is learning from his experiences, which ultimately mold him into the person he will become. I'm so thankful we have Jesus as a role model to look up to!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where do they come up with this stuff?!

Today at dinner, Jacob was sitting in his chair and matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, I feel nauseous." Seriously. I'm pretty sure Adam and I have never said that around him. Where did he come up with that one? I know he didn't know what it meant, because he was eating his dinner and feeling fine. It's just so funny when they randomly say things and you're left to wonder where they've even heard that before. I'm sure it's only the beginning... this will probably happen everyday when he's in school, right? ;)

Another funny thing is that Jacob has been curious about who all are girls and boys lately. At first he would just say, "Mommy is a girl. Daddy is a boy. Jacob is a boy. Gavin is a boy." and so on. After he figured out the difference between boys and girls, he told us that boys (using Daddy, Gavin and himself as an example) have a penis. The only confusing thing to him is... if girls don't have a penis, what do they have? So he said, "Mommy, you don't have a penis? You only have a bum?!" Adam and I completely cracked up!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Memories from the past

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love fireworks and am a little bit of a pyro, so lighting them off is pure entertainment. I remember how excited I was as a little girl to go to the firework stand and pick them out... and honestly, I still am. ;)

Something happened eight years ago that made it even more special though. It was a Fourth of July weekend when I met Adam for the first time. Well, actually the second time... but I don't remember the first time. Adam was visiting his brother in Bellingham and we both were at Christ the King one Sunday. Adam always tells me about how his brother introduced us... where we were standing, what we said, etc. Hmmm, how did I miss this stand-still moment in time?

Anyway, his brother and sister-in-law tried to get us together over the next few months, but we kept missing each other. One day I asked about him, and they said he was in Mississippi for Pilot Training. For the ENTIRE year. So I thought at that point it was too late. Until one day, on January 6 (our wedding anniversary), he emailed me. That was how it all began. We emailed and talked on the phone for hours and it wasn't long before we knew that God had meant for us to be together. We asked every question you could ever imagine and thought we might possibly know every last detail about each other. The crazy part was, I didn't think I would even be able to see him for the first time until he graduated in December.

You can imagine my excitement and surprise when I found out he got to come home for the Fourth of July. I know for sure that I have never, in my entire life, been as nervous as I was the day we first saw each other. I was working at a Christian camp at the time and remember seeing him walking up the hill toward me. I could feel my heart pounding through my entire body. How crazy that this was the man that I knew inside and out, yet I had never held his hand or even gazed in his eyes.

It was on the Fourth of July, eight years ago, that we went on a walk with his parents and my mom. He asked them for permission to court me with fireworks bursting in the background. It was like a dream... this perfect moment in time that I will always remember. Especially on the Fourth of July.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Fourth of July to remember...

We had a super busy, but SUPER fun 4th of July! It started out at Grammy's house with bubbles...Her development put together some fun activities, so Jacob and his cousin got their faces painted...
Jumped until they were forced out on the jumpy castle...
And swung to their little hearts' content...)
Then we went to GG and Grandpa's house where Jacob got to go for a cool swim, while Gavin took a nap...
Adam's brother is an amazing kiteboarder, so he entertained us in the backyard(this channel is their beautiful view!)
The babies got to watch the fireworks all strapped in to prevent them from getting burned or running into the channel ;)...
We ended the night with a grand finale and sparklers!