Saturday, June 16, 2012

My lego maniac

Jacob is just a little bit (or a lot) in love with legos.  He is also just a little bit (or a lot) in love with Mario.
When you mix those together... you get lots and lots of Mario legos! 
He's been googling how to build these masterpieces and carefully follows each direction.  I happen to be a big fan of this method.  The expensive lego sets where you lose one piece and aren't able to build it again (which always seemed to happen!) wasn't working for us.  ;)  This way, he just uses the blocks he has and builds... and builds... and builds.
These Mario guys he built all by himself and was pretty excited!  I was amazed how symmetrical they were without following any directions!

  Jacob built the smaller Bowser using directions on the computer, but it wasn't long before he had memorized how to make it and created the exact replica at Lego club this spring!  From there, he was able to create the giant Bowser, just by re-scaling a bigger version of everything in his head.
Here are the backs! 
Jacob kept trying to build this house, but he never had enough legos.  It kind of broke my heart, because everything he built... he had to take apart in order to make something else.

Until we found a teenager selling their lego blocks on craigslist and we jumped on it! 

Now Jacob is able to build to his heart's content!  ;)

Hopefully this talent will help him get a good job someday! ;)

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Heather Mattos said...

Impressive!! I don't think that I am that much of a diligent worker.