Saturday, June 27, 2009

T-balling around

Jacob had a really good time playing T-Ball this year. It's amazing how much he has improved since last season. He was number 14, which meant that he was up to bat last every time. It was cute though because when the last batters hit, they get to run around all the bases. So Jacob was pretty positive that he was hitting a home run every time!

You would never find Jacob far from his buddy Kailey in the outfield!
Jacob next to his coach

I can't believe Gavin will be old enough to play next year! He loves trying to catch the ball in big brother's mitt and swing his bat, so I think he'll be excited to try out the big leagues. Casey might be ready to play next year too. ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 months old

My biggest brother is trying to help me stand...
... and I can almost do it by myself!
My mommy really has to watch me because everything I play with goes in my mouth!

I remember thinking that Casey would be 10 months old when I finished teaching in June. I can't believe it's already here... he's going to be one before I know it!

Casey has been SO active and into everything lately. Ever since he pulled himself up to stand for the first time at nine months, you will either find him standing or crawling across the room like a rocket. Casey will use anything he can grab onto (toys, tables, his crib, the couch, my leg) to pull himself up. He's pretty proud of himself and I even caught him leaning by the couch with no hands today!

I was a little concerned (and confused!) when his pediatrician told me at Casey's nine month appointment that he had only gained a few ounces since his six month well-check. The 40th percentile, WHAT?! I guess I'm used to Gavin, who has always been in the 95th percentile for everything. His doctor said not to worry, (even though he weighed him again, just to be sure ;) that it was probably just because he is so active now. I had only been giving him a few table foods, so he confirmed that Casey can have almost anything except honey, peanuts, and eggs. I guess I just forgot how much they are able to gum at this age! So Casey has been getting LOTS of table food and I think he is eating more than Jacob and Gavin combined! He shoves everything we give him into his mouth faster than I can lay it down on his tray. Now that he's entered into this world of yummy food, baby food just isn't cutting it anymore. He will shut his mouth and put his two little fists in front just to make sure I can't get anything in.

Casey is sleeping well, taking an hour nap each morning and a two hour nap in the afternoon. He is starting to cry when I lay him down, but it usually only takes a minute before he curls up, puts his binky in his mouth, and goes to sleep. Casey is a happy boy, but he will let you know if he is tired, hungry, or bored for sure! He can climb our entire fleet of stairs, but has no idea how to get down. He can wave bye-bye and even said ba ba when he waved yesterday. I had to say NO for the first time the other day when he reached into the dishwasher. Uh oh, it's happening already...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mixed feelings

Today was my last day of school. It was a hard week. I had to say goodbye to my first grade team, three teachers I have been working with for eight years. I wrote them each a letter last night about how much they mean to me and couldn't help but CRY my eyes out. Not to mention that I had the best class ever. I was reading them a story about how first grade is SUCH a special year that they'll always remember and I lost it. Thankfully my job share partner was there to take over for me. I hugged each of my first graders, closed the door to my empty classroom, and walked away with a heavy heart.

I'll back up a little. It all began when I was on maternity leave. I really liked being on maternity leave. My husband and I got to stay up late every night together, I didn't have any papers to correct or report cards to write, life was good. We were pretty convinced we always wanted our life to be like this. So we started praying about it.

My maternity leave flew by and I started dreading going back to school. However, I made the commitment to go back in January part-time so I did. I think I bit off more than I could chew. Getting three boys ready each morning, teaching all day, pumping during recess, coming home to three hungry (usually whiny) boys each night, running into school to make lesson plans when one of them was sick, finding the time to be competent at school and at home. By the time I paid for childcare while I was teaching, it just didn't make sense anymore.

We kept praying. That was when we felt God starting to shut the doors. Out of nowhere, rumors began flying about teachers being cut due to the economy. My job share partner was a first year teacher, which meant the other half of my position would be open. Usually, my principal would just help me hire another job share partner. Our district wasn't hiring anyone new though, so any person in a job share without a partner was displaced. The only opportunity to teach part-time would be for the district to place me in a school, grade, and with a new job share partner.

So I decided to take a leave of absence and stay home with my boys. I was thankful this decision was made for me because I don't know if I could have given up my school and my team. I have loved teaching there and truly hope to be back someday. But for now, I have three boys who need their mommy at home. Jacob is starting kindergarten next year, Gavin will be in preschool, and sweet Casey is just still so little.

I will miss teaching though. I'm not a fan of change. I don't like not knowing what my future holds. But I have a feeling that I'll never regret it. I can always go back to teaching, but my kids are growing up so fast... and I can't go back to being with them when they are little.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

31 on June 13

I had a really good birthday. At first, it looked as though the military was going to send Adam on a trip that morning. I should have known though, nothing EVER stays the same with the military. So Adam's trip was pushed to Monday and words couldn't describe how excited I was to spend my birthday with him.

He woke me up with breakfast in bed and we were off to Seattle for the day. We hadn't been to the Pacific Science Center since Jacob was little, so I really wanted to take the boys there. Seeing the joy and smiles on their faces made my day so special.

Jacob is finally getting old enough to help us when we go places. (Gavin tried to push Casey too, but he kept crashing into things. ;)

Our first stop was the dinosaurs, since Jacob is really getting into T-Rex lately.
They got to sit in giant chairs,
touch sea life in the tidepool,
make music,
rock climb,

make giant bubbles,
there were even toys for Casey to play with!
I think Daddy and Gavin could have stayed here all day, helping the ball zig zag down. Their brains totally work the same way!

The boys loved going in the room full of butterflies.

Mommy loved trying to capture a good picture with her camera!
The fountain has always been my favorite, so we got some ice cream and hung out together.

Daddy really wanted Mommy to go on a rollercoaster for her birthday.

We let the kids go on some rides too...

It was extremely evident today that Casey loves the outdoors. He was bubbling over with smiles the entire day

Sometimes with three kids, going places can get a little crazy. Somehow, someway though, today there was no chaos. Everything seemed to go our way and it was such a great day. A birthday that I'll always remember.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The last days of preschool

I am sentimental about the last days of preschool for a few reasons. First of all, it means that my baby will be in Kindergarten next year. That is exciting and makes me want to cry all at the same time. Also, the last day of preschool made me think of the first day of preschool. Casey was just two weeks old on that day and now he is nine months old. A lot can sure change in nine months!

His little graduation was luau themed. Each student was supposed to decorate a paper sack shirt with their family. (Jacob kept telling me that we were going to Whooadee for his last day of preschool. I had to break the news to him that we were only pretending to be in Hawaii.)
Here is Jakey coming up to show off his shirt.

A close up of the back...
These were the questions he had to answer:

This shirt was made with the help of my mommy.

My favorite part of this shirt is the water and the whale and the shark and the fish.

The first thing I would do in Hawaii is go swimming and climb the coconut trees.

Then his teacher stated that the name Jacob means Benevolent. Each child had a verse connected to their name and Jacob's was 1 John 2:17. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

I totally had chills... because I want nothing more than to watch Jacob grow into a Godly man who serves the Lord.

Singing songs for us with his class.
Jacob with his two teachers, who were amazing.
I took a picture of Jacob by this sign on the first day of preschool too. Now he is waving goodbye preschool... hello kindergarten!

Here are some pictures of Northwest Trek from the week before. Can you believe I have lived in Puyallup for eight years and have never been here?! It was such a beautiful day and we had an amazing time.

I think we really lucked out because as soon as we walked up to these coyotes, they all started howling in unison. People could hear them from all ends of the park and we were right there to witness it! Not to mention that afterward, two of them got into a fight and almost hurt each other.
Jacob with his little girlfriends
The grizzly bears were so close to us, I couldn't believe it. Jacob couldn't either and kept asking if they were going to eat him.
I'm not sure why, but I was infatuated with the porcupine. I don't think I've ever seen one before.
The kids? They were more infatuated with this caterpillar crawling on the ground.