Friday, May 31, 2013

A night away and a dream come true

I have always ALWAYS wanted to jump on a flight that my husband is flying.  Him being on call has made it pretty impossible though.  That and the fact that we have four kids, which also makes it tricky to jump on a flight.  ;)  Just recently, he has gotten enough seniority to hold a line where he knows his schedule ahead of time.  So when I saw a flight to Las Vegas coming up, I asked the grandparents to watch our kiddos and decided to go for it!!  

I took a different flight than he did on the way down, so I got there a few hours early.  I know Las Vegas is technically sin city... but it's just so beautiful at night!  I am always in awe!!  I found a comedy show at Harrah's and then waited for Adam to call me as soon as he made it to the strip.  It was midnight, so I wasn't sure how long we were going to make it... but I was determined to make it as long as we could!  We discovered after talking that we were on opposite sides of the strip, so we met in the middle of a bridge.  Straight out of the movies, right?!  ;)  We found a restaurant and walked around together, it was fun and romantic and spontaneous.  We had one night and we were going to make it count.

 So we made it to four in the morning before collapsing at our hotel.  The next day, bright and early (for us), we went back to the strip to explore.  
 Giant candy!  My kids would've loved this!!
 This was a new hotel since we have been here last.  I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the two towers are slanted and it looks so cool!  What a unique idea!

 The Bellagio water show

 Stopping for gelato
 We went to Caesar's palace to find this awesome mojito place that we had gone to with my sister.  Best. mojitos. ever.

 So many memories here!  This was where we saw Phantom of the Opera!

 Totally want to go on this little boat ride someday.
 Then, before we knew it, it was time for the flight!  Ahhhhh!!  Crazy that the flight number was 613, which happens to be my birthday.  :)

 Watching the plane as it pulled in.
 I could see Adam outside doing all of his routine inspections.
 I boarded the plane with an iced coffee in hand for my favorite pilot!  ;)
 So surreal to think he was the one flying the plane!  My heart was pounding almost the entire time!!  I was hanging on every word he was saying over the intercom, but the plane was so loud I couldn't hear most of it.  Finally, the flight attendant walked by and asked me if I had heard what he said.  I said no.   :(  He said, "He announced that you were on board and wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.  And that he promised you a good landing so he is going to try his best."  Awe! 

 Then, when everyone was de-boarding, I got to sit up front with him.

 Love this guy!  Being on this flight was a dream come true for me.  :)
 I have this same picture when he graduated from pilot training.  Now, here we are, thirteen years later!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Day

We loved being able to spend Mother's Day with family!
My grandma just got back from Arizona and it was so good to see her!!
 She bonded with Ella right away as Ella showed her all of her owies.  ;)

 This tree is just the best.  Our boys absolutely love climbing it and we have so many pictures of them hanging from the branches as they have grown up!
 Always a candid picture with Travis!

 Our family 
The girls!
 Me and my sister
Maddie and Ella
Casey sharing a picture he drew with Tutu
 Love these monkeys!!