Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeting the Teachers

We took Jacob and Gavin to meet their teachers today and they are both very excited for their first day of school! 

Jacob got the teacher I was really hoping he would get.  I used to teach with her and I know firsthand how great she is.  When I introduced them, he shyly said, "My mommy says you are a really REALLY good teacher."  To which she responded gleefully, "She did?!  Well that makes your mommy my new BFF!"
 Jacob and Mrs. Dornan
During open house, she talked about how there won't be a lot of homework in second grade.  That kids need to be kids and play outside, spend time with family, etc. after school.  Adam has a strong opinion about this as well so he pretty much agrees that Mrs. Dornan is the best teacher in the world.

Gavin was pretty excited to meet his teacher and see his classroom too!
  Since this was Jacob's kindergarten class, he took pride in pulling Gavin all around the room to show him around.  First, he introduced him to the pet turtle.
 Then he showed him the play area.
 They found his cubby and his birthday candle.
  Casey found the listening center and thought it was pretty fun.

 Gavin and Mrs. Dent!
 I'm going to miss you while you are at school buddy!  Hope you have the best first day of kindergarten ever.


 My sister's family and our family went camping in Leavenworth with my mom last week!
 My grandma came for a night also which was really special.
 My boys love their Tutu!

Grammy brought bubbles for everyone

 Casey and Maddie

 There was a boy Casey's age and they followed each other around on their bikes most of the day!
 They even traded bikes from time to time.  :)
 Jacob was more than excited to climb up his favorite pole...
 Daddy even proved he could do it too!
 We celebrated Casey's birthday since his cousins weren't able to come to the party.  (I'm pretty sure he thinks his birthday is everyday now!)
 Maddie drew him this super cute picture and even handmade a Thomas the train for him!
 Travis bought him a little present too.
 Our first cabin actually had ants in it (when Adam was laying down on the cot, there were ants all the way up his arm.  EEEEEW.)  Thankfully we were more than compensated with this upgraded lodge.  Refrigerator, microwave, oven, bathroom, shower... we'll take it!  Although it was honestly more like a hotel than camping!

 The boys played at the playground

 The river (which was low enough for us to go tubing this time!  Yay!)

 The Sound of Music up in the hills.   Ahhhh, the scenery literally takes your breath away.  It was Gavin's first time this summer and he was really excited.  You could tell the parts he really liked because his eyes would get this sparkle and he would sit up really straight and clap with a beaming face.  At one point, Adam and I looked at each other and our eyes filled with tears just watching him.

Campfires are definitely one of our favorite parts of camping...

 and s'mores.  :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I found a little soccer camp that Casey could participate in this summer... it was for one to two and a half years old!  I was really curious how they would coach such little ones, but it was actually really cute and well done!
 So many balls to choose from! 
 The played lots of games.
 They practiced colors and numbers by matching the card in their hand to the cones that were laid out in the field.
 They got to kick the cones over, which was Casey's personal favorite.  ;)
 He would try to get a little soccer jersey that was tucked in mommy's back pocket and then I would try to get it from his pocket.
Mostly the coach was trying to make sure they were kicking the ball and not holding it...
Do two year olds always follow the coach's directions perfectly?  Ummm.... no.  ;)
 Casey would visit his brothers...
 pick mommy flowers...
 make little hats for his ball...
 All in all, it was really fun though.  Especially because two of his favorite girls were there, whose mommies happen to my friends.
 Here they are at the end... which was GOAL TIME!

 Casey's coach cracked me up.  It takes a lot of patience and oversight to teach soccer to two year olds!
 At the end, they would all put their hands in the middle and chant, "KIDS LOVE SOCCER!"