Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some time on the boat!

I remember when we told one of our friends that we were thinking about adopting, one of her first comments was what it would be like take four kids on our boat.  Somehow, four kids seemed easier than three this year though!  Mostly because Casey was not a happy boater when he was Ella's age.  He would cry and whine and make driving/wakeboarding/putting the boat away really stressful.  Ella is the opposite and we are so grateful!  She absolutely loves the boat, gasps with joy as the wind blows through her hair, cuddles with daddy on the tube, and happily goes along for however long the ride may be.
Jacob and Gavin keep getting more brave on the tube!  
(Casey still requests to go REALLY SLOW.)
To the point where they try to stand without falling off.  ;)
Grandpa and Grandma are always game for a day on the boat with us too.




Swimming with daddy on a warm summer day
 Everyone relaxing on the tube!  
(And another example of how Ella is way too brave!)

Awww...  all tuckered out.
One day we drove out to the boat after visiting family and realized we had Sy in the car.
So we took Sy out on the boat for the first time!
We never thought to take him before... but I'm so glad we did!
He was so cute (and brave!)  He jumped right up onto the boat's edge and bathed in the sun.
Adam wanted to take him for a swim, but I came to his rescue.  (Poor guy is getting too old for that... he'd probably have a heart attack!)
I have a feeling that this will be one of my favorite pictures of Sy ever.
It just warms my heart.

Starting preschool!

My third little guy started preschool last week! 
He is soooooo ready and excited!
I love that his preschool has fun crafts everyday...

 ... and endless play dough!
 Ella was all about scooping the rice.  :)
He gets to be in preschool with his best buddy Ryan 
(Gavin and Ryan's big brother were in preschool together too!)
 Casey is so excited about having a cubby with his name on it (instead of his brothers)!

The super adorable girl next to him had an older sister in Gavin's class too!
  Casey on his first day!

Diving right in!

 He was so brave and didn't shed any tears!  His mommy on the other hand... ;)
 Ever since I decided to stay home after this little guy was born, he has been with me almost every single day since.  Oh how I love him!! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Fair

 We went to the fair on the first day with my dad and step-mom. Jacob and Gavin were in school, but since it was free, I figured I would take Casey and Ella to see the animals!
(and get some scones!!)
Ella was determined to put her finger in every cage (each with a sign that said not to put fingers in the cages).
Checking out the horses with my dad

 Ella loved petting the animals!

 Learning how to milk a cow

 Then we went back a few days later with their brothers and daddy!
 Ella's first helicopter ride

 Watching their brother and sister ride!
 Ella wasn't big enough to go on the giant slide and Casey didn't want to... 
so here go Jacob and Gavin!

 Ella wasn't quite tall enough for this ride either... so Gavin stepped in to be his brother's buddy!


 Jacob and Gavin chose to play games with some of their tickets instead of going on rides.
They were so excited to both win a game... Jacob said it was his favorite part of the fair!
 We found a stand with Russian food, and of course, had to try it!

 Ella couldn't get enough!  ;)

 Thankfully, they let Ella on the carousel!

 This guy is in the Guinness Book of World Records and performed amazing hula hoop feats!  
It was really entertaining and fun to see the boys wide-eyed in anticipation!

 Jacob trying one out afterward
 The canoes!  I don't remember them being this dirty though?!
 Casey and Ella loved it and splashed away the whole time.

 Our friend gave Ella this balloon hammer that was taller than her!
Fun times at the fair!