Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Our boys were so happy to come downstairs to presents under the tree, stuffed stockings, and only crumbs on Santa's cookie plate!
 Casey thought he was supposed to give the Santa presents to Santa... ;)
 He was happy to find out that they were for him!
 Look GG!  Lotso bear gives hugs!

 Reaching deeper
 and deeper into his stocking.
 From there we drove up to spend the day at my sister's house.
 More presents!

 The cousins really loved jumping on all of the bubble wrap!

Maddie made this Super Mario Brothers picture especially for Jacob.
 The older boys went downstairs to try out their new shake n go cars
 and watch a movie.
 Meanwhile, Maddie played for us on her new guitar
 and Casey stared and stared at the fishies.
 But it just wouldn't be Christmas... without laughter.

Christmas Eve

Christmas with Adam's family was really special this year.  Not only was Adam's youngest brother home, but their cousins (who are spread out in a variety of states) were there as well.  There was just something about everyone in his family being home for Christmas.  My boys love their Uncle Peter and loved feeling Aunt Melisa's tummy as she is expecting her first little one in February!

Gavin with his cousin Evan
 Waiting for dinner (a little too early)...

Stickers with Papa 
 Casey and Olivia checking out the presents together.  :)
 Uncle Peter with Casey
 Jacob and Evan thought it was pretty cool that their uncle could do push-ups while they were on his back!

 My sweet sleeping niece, all dressed up for Christmas.
 Watching the older boys play wii.

 Cousins are the best!

 We all went to Christmas Eve service together at the church Adam and I were married in (a few days shy of ten years ago)!   My heart actually starting pounding and memories came rushing back just by walking in the room.  It was really special to show our boys where mommy and daddy got married.  I couldn't help but tear up a little when we kissed at the same spot where we became husband and wife ten years ago.
 There wasn't childcare during the service but we actually loved having our boys with us.  Jacob was cuddled up with GG, Gavin was cuddled up with Papa, and Adam and I took turns with Casey.  Christmas lights, music, and candles filled the room as we celebrated the real meaning of Christmas together.
 When we got back to the house, the kids were starving!
 The three girls who were lucky enough to marry the three Holmes boys.
 Here we are... all together on Christmas. 
 Great-Grandpa Kahn had the most special present for his grandkids this year.  Jacob ran to give him a thank you hug.
 All the grandkids giving Grandpa Kahn a hug!
 Casey was so excited when we had presents with his name on them!  He knew just what to do.  ;)
 Gavin's new Buzz wings... to infinity and BEYOND!
How the boys look forward to pushing Santa's button and singing with him each year!
Casey was scared at first...
...but it wasn't long before he warmed up to him again!
 He even grabbed Santa's hands and was dancing with him before bed!

 After the presents were opened and eyes grew tired, we set out cookies and juice for Santa and my extremely excited boys eventually fell asleep!