Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Zoo!

We made our annual summer trip to the zoo with my mom!
The closest zoo to us doesn't have zebras, giraffes, hippos, or lions (basically all of the Madagascar characters ;) so my boys love going to this zoo!
Ella couldn't get enough of the petting the animals... she just kept going back and forth between them all.  We seriously had to pull her away!

She was absolutely enchanted with the zoo animals.  She would peek through every gate and over every ledge in excitement and anticipation.  So adorable!

My boys!
 They always love to follow along with their maps.  :0)
Loving every moment with her grammy...

...who hardly put her down for a second!

Jumping over and through the caves!
Climbing trees...

and the spider web!
The gorilla is always one of my favs and definitely didn't disappoint us today!!
Had no idea they were this talented!  ;)
What a show!  We were amazed!!

Our favorite family picture spot

Feeding the birds
Jacob actually got one to come down!
Ella loved the birdies!  :0)


Ending the day in the Zoonasium.

Watching the puppet show
Some final pictures on the outside!

I loved watching Ella smell the roses with my mom!
It's been ten years since my niece was this age...  it's so sweet to watch them together :0)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Casey is 4!

Our sweet boy turned FOUR on Wednesday!  We were watching home videos a few nights ago of when Casey was two... I can't even believe how fast time has gone.
He didn't want to wear his birthday button, but he held it up for a picture.  ;)

Casey had his last soccer practice that morning (which he hasn't really been a fan of this time around).
He mostly just wanted to kick the ball to me.
Casey and his little friend Makenna

We stopped on the way home for a birthday chocolate milk.

After giving him several choices of what he would like to do, he chose roller skating.
I wasn't expecting there to be roller skates in Ella's size, but there was!!  It was the smallest size they had.  ;)
Gavin has gone roller skating a few times, but is usually pretty wobbly on wheels.  He actually picked it up pretty well on his own this time!  He was so excited!
Jacob was off on his own almost the whole time.
Casey mostly wanted to hold his daddy's hand.
He also really wanted to play air hockey and table soccer.  ;)

Ella did really good for her first time!  She was just so happy to be doing what her big brothers were doing.  She hung in there for quite a while, but soon the heaviness of her skates kicked in and she wanted them off.

We went to the park...

...and Red Robin!

Ella was all about sharing the chocolate sundae.  :)
Happy Birthday buddy!  I love that you make me laugh everyday.  I love it when you tilt your head and give me your scrunched up nose smile.  I love that you look so much like your daddy.  I love that you always want to help me bake.  I love that you want me to lay with you every night.  I love that you are the first one to say, "ME!" when I ask who wants to pray.  (Even though Jacob is always right behind you ;)  I am so glad we decided to have a third child because you are the biggest blessing!  I am so proud of you and it is an honor to be your mommy.  I can't wait to keep watching you grow.