Friday, July 29, 2011

A little update...

So it turns out we won't be traveling to Russia as soon as we thought.  Of course, as soon as I start to plan for our trip and where the boys will be while we're gone, everything changes!  I am just such a planner because I feel so much more at ease when everything is under control.  :)  The thing is though, everything is under control... it's just God's control and not mine.  All along, I have been worried that I would miss the boys' first day of school.  Because typically, I would think their first day (of Kindergarten especially) was one of the most important things in the world.  I have to realize even that will be okay though.  Bringing this little girl home from a life in an orphanage without a mommy or a daddy, that's pretty important too.  ;)  I can always have a do-over on Jacob and Gavin's first day of school.  After all, it will be my first day experiencing everything with them at least!

I have a feeling everything will work out though.  When you know with certainty you are doing something God cares so much about, you know He is going orchestrate everything way better than you could ever have planned.  :)  We are just along for the ride (and the paperwork ;).  Even though we so badly want to meet our little girl, we take comfort in the fact that He is watching over her for us right now.  When I look at it that way, she couldn't be in better hands.

We covet your prayers as we embark on this journey though.  I know three trips to Russia in a matter of months won't be easy.  Leaving our three little boys at home for any extended period of time won't be easy.  Flying standby for twelve different flights won't be easy.  A fifteen hour airplane ride home with a baby we are just getting to know won't be easy.  Transitioning her into our time zone (which is 11 hours earlier than what she is used to) won't be easy.  Getting adjusted to life with four kids won't be easy.  God never promised us an easy life though.  All we can do is live for Him to the best of our ability with the time that we have... and we feel honored that we get to change a little girl's life forever in the process.

Little boys sayings and stories...


Jacob always refers to Gavin and Casey as his two boys.  For example, when we are ordering ice cream he will say, "All of my two boys love chocolate."  Cracks me up.

We were at Winco last week and Jacob noticed that it said 24 hours.  He immediately exclaimed, "They have nocturnal people there mommy?!?!"  I told him that they weren't really nocturnal, they just have to get used to a different schedule when they are working.  To which responded, "That's not going to be good mommy.  When customers come they will say, 'I just can't help you.  I'm... too... tired!'"

When we go through the McDonald's drive-thru and Jacob doesn't get a happy meal (aka... anything without a toy), he immediately calls it a sad meal.  :)  So now everytime we go through the drive-thru, he asks if we are getting a happy meal or a sad meal.


When Gavin was whining the other day, I was experimenting with some Love and Logic by telling him that he was draining my energy.  (Then supposedly if your energy is drained, they have to help you get your energy back by helping with the dishes, cleaning up toys, etc.  Or you can go the other route and say that you don't have enough energy to make cookies, drive to the park, etc.)  So later that night, I was talking to Gavin and he said, "Momma, if you keep talking, I'm gonna lose my energy."  Ha!

Gavin was looking for something the other day and I told him to look under his bed.  He responded with confusion, "But I'm not strong enough to lift up my bed!!"

A few minutes after going upstairs to play wii, Gavin came back downstairs.  I asked him why he came back downstairs so quickly, he sighed and said, "The screen said 'Better Luck Next Time', so I'll just play next time..."

After we went to the Peter Pan play a few weeks ago, Gavin pointed to the map in his bedroom and asked me to show him where Never Never Land is.  :)

Now that he can read, Gavin wants to call everything by its actual name.  He corrects Casey each time that circle crackers are called Ritz, square crackers are called Wheat Thins, and rectangle crackers are called Honey Maids.  ;)

We were shopping for Gavin's kindergarten school supplies, and he lit up in excitement when he found a Toy Story backpack.  I said, "Wow, Gavin wants that Toy Story backpack really badly!"  He immediately replied, "No,  I want that backpack really GOODLY!"

Jacob is really into Magic Treehouse Books so we take turns reading a chapter before bed every night.  We are about halfway through the series and I love that each book has teachable moments inside.  (With the exception of a few that encounter ghosts and mummies, which I'm not a fan of...)  However, Jack and Annie have gone to the moon, the rainforest, the North Pole, Ancient Greece, the Titanic... all which have led to really interesting conversations.  Gavin cracks me up because after reading about a volcanic eruption in Pompeii, he said, "Mommy, I never want to go there."  Next was about some vikings in Ireland and he said, "Mommy, I never want to go to Ireland."  Then we read about a dragon king in China and he said, "I never want to go to China either."  Hmmm... so maybe these teachable moments aren't necessarily inspiring him to be a world traveler.  ;)  The one we are reading right now though is about the Civil War.  So as I'm explaining the Civil War in the most simplistic kid language possible, Gavin said, "Mommy, I don't want to live in the United States anymore because there is too much slaves!"


When we were grocery shopping a few weeks ago, Casey was sitting in the cart.  He usually picks his favorite thing to hold, which this day happened to be a can of whip cream.  I didn't see him shaking it or anything but he clutched onto that can of whip cream until it was time to check out.  When I lifted him from the cart, he accidentally dropped the can, and it exploded everywhere.  When I say everywhere, I mean all over the floor, Casey's hair, Casey's face, my clothes, the rest of the groceries...  It also exploded with an ear-shrilling BOOM, which completely scared Casey.  So there he was with whip cream all over his face, crying huge crocodile tears.  The checker felt horrible that he was so frightened and I just found the entire situation hilarious and couldn't stop laughing!  Anyway, so the next time we went grocery shopping and I went to put whip cream in the cart, Casey shouted, "NO!  I TOO SCARED!!!"  Which, after all that, I can't really blame him.  ;)

We let each of the boys choose a donut from Krispy Kreme, and as we got settled in our booth and opened the box, Casey said, "It too big Daddy.  Too big.  Put dat back."  I have never heard my boys say that a donut (or any treat for that matter) is too big!  So funny!

Casey has been having growing pains at night lately, so if Adam is home, he always goes upstairs to console him.  As soon as he gives him a hug and explains that he is just getting bigger, Casey seems to feel better.  A few weeks ago, Casey's tummy was really hurting.  (X-rays would later show us that he was really constipated.)  As he keeled over in pain, he looked up at me with big eyes and said, "Casey tummy hurt.  I getting bigger mommy."  So cute but it broke my heart!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our camping trip!

We started out our camping trip by exploring Wenatchee, a place I only remember through swim meets when I was little.  It's so beautiful here!  The rolling hills seem to go on forever...
 Our boys loved hiking up them!

 Jacob was determined to make it all the way to the top!
 Wait for me!!!
 Ahhh... brothers.  I love catching moments like this!
The next day, we made it to our traditional camping spot.  ;)
 My dad with Gav...

 Casey could have spent the entire time riding his tricycle through the grass.
Gavin wasn't quite solid enough on his bike to ride around camp with Jacob and Travis, but maybe next year!
 We went for a little family hike down to the river...
Maddie came with us too...  I could get use to this three boys and a girl thing.  ;)

 Then we went swimming in the pool.
 Casey was a little clingy at first, but daddy's kisses seemed to help. 
 Maddie was more than happy to have Casey cling to her.  ;)
 My sister surprised us by bringing a new puppy back to the campsite!

 Aww... such a sweet little guy!
 Waiting for dinner with their Zoopal plates

 Jacob has been super into crafts lately, so I helped him make this paper mache pinata.  He was thrilled to finish it in time for camping and even filled it with his own money, toys, and candy!

 Thank goodness each cousin got a turn before it broke!
 Cousin love!
 This was a new (and brilliant I might add) addition to the KOA this year.  I was surprised how well Jacob did right off the bat and how determined he was to make it to the top!
 Gavin tried too, but only made it a few feet.  ;)
 After two days of trying repeatedly, Jacob made it to the top!  I was so proud of him!
 All the cousins were cheering for each other.
 I promised my sister I wouldn't put a picture of her in her flannel pajamas on my blog... so I cut the pajamas out.  ;)
 Casey was in a pack-n-play last year, so he was ecstatic to sleep in the bunk beds with his brothers!  Night sweet boy!
  On our way to the ice cream cabin!

  The boys got to go on a hay ride and watch the movie Tangled on a giant screen under the stars.  At one point, all three of them were laying on their tummies, propped up on their elbows.  I could have stayed in that moment forever!

 Jacob and Gavin made tie-dye shirts, which they loved... did I mention how much they like crafts?!
 We love camping!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peter Pan

My mom took me to plays on a regular basis when I was growing up, so I'm really excited that my boys are getting big enough to enjoy them too!  I remember watching the Sound of Music when I was a little girl and wanting so badly to be Leisel one day.  ;)

Here are my boys with their bestest girls!
Jacob went to the Sound of Music when we were camping at Leavenworth, but this was Gavin's first play.  His eyes were glued to the stage in awe the entire time.  I was so happy just sitting there and watching him soak it all in!  
They keep holding their arms up to show off their little sparkle tattoos.
At the end of the play, the characters came out to greet the children.
Gavin was too shy and star-struck to go on stage.  ;)
Peter Pan!
They were really excited to get their programs signed too.
Wendy was absolutely amazing.  Her acting, singing, and stage presence blew me away... not to mention she is only twelve!  I couldn't help but think of my niece the entire time.  She looks like her, sings like her, is animated like her... maybe she will be on stage someday too!
Tinkerbell was a huge hit, especially with all the little girls.  Some were dressed up like her or brought their Tinkerbell dolls along... adorable.

The lost boys... who were mostly girls. ;)
What a fun memory!  Can't wait to see the Sound of Music in Leavenworth next month!