Saturday, October 12, 2013

Picking our pumpkins!

We kept hearing about a local pumpkin patch that everyone loves around here, so we decided to try it!  The good news, it ended up that almost all of our neighbors decided to go on the same day.  The bad news, I think our entire town decided to go on the same day!  (And it was H.O.T...  so different from our rainy pumpkin patch last year.  We went from jackets and rain boots to shorts and sun tan lotion!)
We went straight to the pumpkins!

They had a tall haystack pyramid that the boys were anxious to climb (and jump off of!)

Our pumpkins!

Look at that blue sky!  Crazy!

All my loves!

I took Casey and Ella back to play a few days later, when the bigs were in school (when it was WAY less crowded).
Love his little stance!

Hey, where are you going?  I kinda like this place!