Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six months!

Ella has been home six months! 
(Actually seven, but I started this post awhile ago ;)
It's hard to believe that last year on June 28th, we had just gotten Ella's referral. 
 If only I knew then...
 that a year later this little girl would very much be part of our family.
 We love you Ella Rachel!!
 Some things about Ella...

*She LOVES shoes.  She is constantly bringing me shoes, trying on shoes, hiding shoes (seriously I can hardly find a matching pair!).*
*She LOVES babies.  To the point where my friend will be nursing and she peeks under the hooter hider, because she just can't get enough of her little guy!*
*Sometimes it gets quiet and then I find something like this.  I've learned that quiet is never good.*
*Whenever I give her a snack or treat, she carefully grasps it in her hand, scrunches up her little nose, and giggles in excitement.*
*Every time I warm up a bottle and carry Ella upstairs to bed, she belts out in the most adorable voice, "Nigh-Nigh!!!" Over and over.  As if she knows its my favorite thing to hear.*
*Now whenever I say goodbye to anyone, she will eagerly chime in, "Nigh-nigh!" and wave until we are out of sight.*
*We took her to a wading pool at a nearby park and she stomped her foot and splashed and squealed in delight.  So. stinkin. adorable.*
*I was humming some music when I heard her softly begin humming along with me.*
*Ella loves giving high fives and will automatically reach out and give a high five to anyone who comes up to her.*
*Ella immediately bops her little head in rhythm whenever she hears music.  She could be crying in the car, but when I turn on music... the crying stops and she happily bops her little head.*
*She screams when the boys smother her, but her eyes always light up when she sees them first thing in the morning or recognizes them in their classes.*
*She is picking up more and more words and learning the sounds that animals make.  Most of the time she will just babble... (in what ironically sounds like Russian ;)*
*She is fearless.  Too fearless.  Like climb the highest play structure, climb onto chairs and stand, climb up her changing table, run and not look back... that kind of fearless.  I have to watch her like a hawk!*

I was at a birthday party today and Ella was the youngest one there by far.  The other moms were  looking at her with nostalgia like "I remember when my daughter was that age".  (I remember when my niece was Ella's age too and always think back on how adorable she was.)  As crazy as life gets with four kids, I'm trying to soak in these moments with Ella before they slip through my fingers!

Splash Park!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The McChord Air Show

The boys were so excited to make it to another air show with their daddy!
Adam had a simulator that day but it just happened to work out that we could go to the air show first.   Guess who was in the simulator with him??  One of my first graders who was in my first class ever... who is now a Senior in high school!  Craziness!  He wants to be a pilot so he asked my husband to be his mentor.  ;0)
 My boys on a mission...
Checkin' out the airplanes with daddy.

 Inside the C-17, my hubby's plane!

 The C-17 in action!
 This little girl saw my hubby in uniform and asked for his autograph... so funny!

 Only one of the planes was super loud where the boys had to cover their ears.
 Helicopters...  Casey's fav!

 We didn't get to stay for the Thunderbirds because Adam had to leave for his sim (plus I didn't want to get stuck in the crazy traffic at the end) ... but these planes were amazing enough for me!

 Jacob was a little worried when this "bomb" went off, but we assured him that everyone was safe.  ;)
 We found an Alaska Airlines booth and the boys were happy to go home with souvenir planes!