Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painting and carving pumpkins

Kailey has been Jacob's bestest girl since they were one.  She is so sweet to him and I love watching them laugh and play together.
Kailey's little sister, Lexi, goes back and forth trying to decide if she wants to marry Gavin or Casey when she grows up.  Currently she is going with Gavin.

They came over to paint pumpkins and make cupcakes with us.

We have watercolors, but I don't think Casey has ever used tempura paint before.  He was absolutely in heaven piling all of the colors on top of his pumpkin!


Then last night we carved pumpkins!!
 We also melted caramel for apples... they were especially motivated to help mommy.  :)

 Jacob was trying so hard to do everything on his own this year.  I was impressed with his patience as he scooped out every. single. seed.
 Daddy helped Casey make a jack-o-lantern.
 Gavin's pumpkin was rotten on the inside.   (SO gross!)  So he and I carved my pumpkin together.

 Here they are!  Daddy's pumpkin, Mommy and Gavin's pumpkin (he picked out the design though :), Jacob's pumpkin, and little Casey's pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch - Take Two

I had to take a picture of the rain boots... because these are the first pair my boys have ever owned!  "What?!"  you ask.  "How do you have three boys without buying any rainboots?!"  Well, the answer is simple.  I honestly didn't think they were necessary.  They just walked around the puddles.  Then, I finally realized that I have three little boys.  And little boys should get to jump in puddles.  So I broke down and bought some. 
And you know what?  It was the best time at the pumpkin patch we've ever had.
I caught this picture right before Gavin lost his balance and fell off the chair! 

Getting down the business
Jacob walked right into the first mud puddle he could find.  ;)
Gavin, boots and all, still wouldn't go anywhere near them.
Casey kept looking at me like, "Really mom?!  Are you sure I can stomp in this puddle?"
We found our pumpkins in record time this year!  The boys pretty much picked up the first ones they saw.  :)

Then we headed to the corn maze.
The boys tried to find their way with the map...
... but they soon discovered that following Daddy was the best method.

I love this one. 
We found all sorts of fun Egyptian things.

And stamped their little cards so they could get a prize.
Checking out the farm animals

This Mommy loves her boys!!!

106 pounds of pumpkins!  I think when we have four next year, we'll just get them for the kids.  ;)