Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring sunshine!

We were so excited to get some beautiful weather last weekend!  Summer is almost here... I can feel it in the air and I can't wait.

Time for picnics in the backyard
 Slip n slides

 Inviting the neighbors over for races

 Water balloons
 and squirt guns!

Ella was super sick this weekend, so we didn't make our annual trek to the spring fair... but at least we made the best of it in our backyard!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dressing up

I love comparing pictures of my boys when they were the same age.  One fun way to do this is looking through their Halloween pictures.  When they are little, they don't care as much about what they dress up as for Halloween.  So for the most part, they have all been the same thing:  Tigger at age 2, Bob the Builder at age 3, Pirate at age 4... and then they start to care!  Ha!

Here is Jacob at age 3

 Gavin, two years later (Note: several tools are missing)

 Casey, four years later!  (Note: the tool belt has officially busted, but there is still one tool left! ;)

Our boys love to dress up in general!  Here is Gavin on Hawaiian day ;)

 Although I didn't put him in short and sandals because it was pouring outside!!
 And the other random costumes they come up with!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ella fell asleep and missed all the Easter egg dying, but the boys made one especially for her that she got to try in the morning!
 Then we were off to my sister's for the weekend!
 The boys love climbing the trees in her backyard

 The next morning, all the Easter egg baskets were out
 The boys were so excited!!
 Travis just lost his two front teeth so these cousins are twins!

 Ella all dressed up and ready for the day!  It was so great to be with my sister and go to church with her.  It was a lot like my church growing up so I had memories of the hymnals we sang from when I was a little girl.  I loved showing Jacob and Gavin how to follow along so they could sing with us!
 Ella's first egg

 Meanwhile, the boys found all the eggs in the time it took Ella to pick up and explore one.  ;)

 She got the candy out and that's all she cared about!

 Seeing what they got!
 The boys!
The girls!
 Nobody's looking but it's still so cute!
 Done with the headband  ;)

 Okay I know this is Ella overload, but she's my first girl on her first Easter!  I can't help but take a million picures!

The boys were having so much fun together too.  :)

 Happy Easter!  I loved that we had a quiet moment together before church where we could remind the boys what this day is really about!  So thankful that Jesus died on the cross for us and that we will be in heaven with Him someday!  Jacob told me that he was telling friends at school all about the true meaning of Easter... so proud of him!