Sunday, January 30, 2011

Total strangers...

I got to take my first photography class this weekend!  It was so much fun playing around in manual and having an expert there to help me.  Our first model was a cute little two-year old (in other words, exactly what I am used to shooting at this point in my life :)   At first, she was pretty shy and wasn't very interested in participating... until we bribed her with a cookie!

 On a walk with her mama...

 I especially loved shooting this next family!  I don't get to take pictures of people who actually stay still and pose very often.  It was so much fun!

Now, we will see if I can actually figure out this photography stuff when I'm by myself...  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Sayings by Little Boys

  • Jacob is starting to get a little sense of humor!  Gavin came up to him and said, "Jacob, I need to tell ya somethin'."  Jacob responded with, (referencing a song from Veggie Tales) "I don't have a belly button!"
  • It was almost time for bed and I wanted Jacob to read a book to me.  He didn't really want to so I said if he didn't read a book, then it would be time for bed.  He quickly answered, "The more you say that, the nocturnal-er I get!"
  • Jacob is not the biggest fan of me leaving to go anywhere without him.  The other day I was headed out to dinner with some friends when Jacob shouted out, "NO Mommy!  We have to be together forever!"
  • Jacob is pretty sure that school is closed down whenever students aren't there.  However, one night he curiously asked, "Mommy, are there any nocturnal people at Edgerton?"
  • Eating healthy food has become very important to Jacob.  He always asks if what we are eating is healthy and looks concerned if it isn't.  (Even though I always tell him it's okay to eat treats every now and then!)  Last night, he was excited to tell me his great idea.  "I know!  I'll put some grapes on my ice cream and then it can be healthy!"
  • Jacob was asking me why they had to be quiet at school.  I told him that it was important to be quiet so all of his friends can think and do their best learning.  He thought for a minute and replied, "But what if we can't think and do our best learning when the teacher is talking?"
  • Jacob is taking swim lessons once a week and loving it!  I was telling him that when mommy was a little girl, her favorite stroke was breaststroke.  When I asked him what his favorite stroke was, he said, "My favorite stroke is swimming underwater!!"
  • He has recently gotten really into watching movies like Annie, The Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins.  That might explain what he said when I was giving him his antibiotic a few weeks ago...  "Mommy, a spoonful of sugar will help my medicine go down!"
  • Gavin always calls dandelions "Lion Dans".  Whenever we are on a walk and he spots one, he says, "Look Mommy!  It's a Lion Dan!  They're my fravorite!"
  • The other day Gavin was getting dressed and he said, "Mommy... girls don't have peanuts, do they?"
  • We went to Disneyland when Gavin was three, but he hasn't talked about it for awhile.  Until out of nowhere last night he said, "When are we going to Disneyland?  I want to live in that."
  • Every time we put a movie in while the boys are in the car, Casey always says, "Puh play! (Push play)" until the previews are over and the movie begins.  His favorite movie during the winter was Frosty.  So whenever we were putting him in his car seat, he would say, "Casey want Frawfree!  Puh play!"
  • Sometimes Casey will say, "Want dat one" and point (instead of telling us what he actually wants).  So I was guessing what he wanted the other day and he said, "No no cheese!  Put dat cheese away!"
  • Casey calls pizza "teepa".  It's so cute!  I was asking him if he wanted pizza for dinner and he said, "No... no teepa!"
  • One of my favorite things is Casey's reaction to candles.  Whenever we light one, his eyes sparkle with delight and he says, "Candles!  Happy bir-day!  Happy bir-day!"  Then he fills his little cheeks with air and blows...
I love these boys and their little sayings!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Pacific Science Center

When Adam is on a trip, I tend to stay home more than usual.  I definitely have opportunities to get out, especially while the older ones are in school and if my mom is visiting... but I don't venture out alone with three of them all too often.  ;)  Today I decided to risk chaos though.  It was going to be a long weekend, I didn't have any plans, and I just wanted to do something fun!  So here we are at the Pacific Science Center. There just aren't as many meltdowns and arguments with entertainment around every corner!  

Trying to "pull" the pulley.  :)
   Gavin said, "Look at me mommy!  I did it.  My muscles are so very strong!"
 I think my favorite part of the day was watching three boys figure out teamwork.  I was amazed how well they shared and worked together to accomplish things!
 They lifted a crane together...
 Put together a puzzle...
 Balanced the ball mid-air...

They even remembered Daddy's favorite thing from the last time we went.  He would be so proud.  ;)
Putting together an insect...
"AHHHH!  You're not doing it right!"  (Okay, so they had some not-so-good moments of teamwork.  ;)
 They loved the silly mirrors!

 I think Jacob's days are numbered in this lil' tots area though!

 Once Casey found the helicopter, I. could. not. pull. him. away.

He even found a lil' co-pilot.  :)
 Checking out at the sea animals...
... and diving right in!

 Jacob LOVES learning about the earth and planets, so he was beyond excited to explore the planetology exhibit.
 That T-Rex is a little scary though!

 Watching mommy's penny spiral around and around
 Entranced by the beautiful butterflies

 We met up with some friends at the Hawaiian exhibit.
 They got to make real leis!  

 The lady in charge asked to take a picture with Jacob.

 Making 3-D glasses

After we got home, we were all talking about our favorite part of the day.  I asked Casey if he saw dinosaurs and he said, "I saw da budderflies!  Da budderflies!"  It was so sweet.  I couldn't believe he came up with his favorite thing all on his own!  He is still talking about it...

So all in all, yes.  It was definitely worth chancing the chaos.