Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day of School!

 Summer always goes by so fast... especially when school starts on August 13th!  I was a little concerned about the transition from preschool two mornings a week to full-day kindergarten for Casey?!  He wasn't super excited about preschool either, so I had no idea what I was in for this year.  THANKFULLY, his teacher is super cute, bubbly, lovable...  Casey immediately wrapped his arms around her in adoration.  Adam said at open house, "Oh good, she's just like you.  Casey will be fine."  Lol!
 So proud of his Skylander's backpack!

 All smiles on his first day!
Mommy is trying HARD to be all smiles instead of tears.  ;)
 My big third grader... the tallest in his class!
 My even bigger FIFTH grader!  How did that happen??

 Casey wasn't sure how to make a K with his fingers... he decided to hold up six fingers because he is turning six in a few days!

 Me with my boys!!
 I missed this walk to school!  :)

 Daddy's pep talk with his boys before they walk in the gates
 All lined up!

 So cute, right??  I l.o.v.e. his teacher already.
 Meeting a little kinder friend
 Every day, when Casey is in line, he says, "BYE MOM!  BYE!"  over and over.  It's so endearing, but kind of makes me blush at the same time because he is so loud and doesn't even care.  The line is moving and he is tripping backwards over himself just to say bye and blow me kisses one more time.  Sigh... I love this kid.

His little smile assuring me it's all going to be okay.  That (along with Adam making me laugh on the way out) definitely helped me stay tear-free.  I'm sure gonna miss this little guy following me around with his cutie smile each day!

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